UK Employment Law – The Risks You Face As an Employer

If you run a business then it is more than likely that you are well aware of many of the pitfalls and possible legal problems you could run into during the course of everyday work. Simply by reading the papers you can discover a whole world of potential legal hazards that as an employer you need to guard against.Health and safety regulations, for instance, are numerous to the point where it would take hours upon hours of reading through them to simply be able to say that you have kept up to date with all the changes that have taken place over the past year. And then, of course, there is the problem of making sure you understand all of them.A particularly good example that highlights how employment law is regularly updated and changed would be to show just how many new laws are introduced each year from the UK and Europe as it is rather high. The average number from the past few years works out at around 125 new employment laws.Furthermore, there have been more new employment laws passed in the past four years than there were in the twenty years that passed before it. This goes to show just how rapidly the world of employment law is moving at the moment.So what is the answer to this for small and large businesses alike? Well, the most sensible solution is to seek professional advice from reputable employment advisors, especially when the current economic climate is taken into consideration, which gives small businesses particularly much less time to spend poring over the latest employment laws.It is not simply a case of the volume of employment laws being passed either. There is, as one would expect when you consider that these are legal requirements, a degree of complexity attached to employment law that only professionals can easily and quickly distil from legal jargon into simple rules to abide by in the workplace.In addition to the complexity of employment law, there are also increasing numbers of employees taking their employers to court. Over 100,000 employees took their employers to court last year alone.There is, of course, the crucial element of money to consider as well. Tribunal cases have been rising by around 15% per year, for example. Additionally, over one third of all employment disputes involve dismissal cases and the compensation award limit is currently more than £60,000, which is no small amount.Discrimination cases, however, can be much more costly to a business from a monetary point of view. Awards for successful discrimination claims (which can involve sex, race, age, disability, sexual orientation or religious intolerance legislation) are unlimited.Examples clearly show this area of employment law in particular as hugely important for businesses to be aware of. Recently, religious discrimination cases have seen a 340% rise, and the average award for a race discrimination case is £19,114. In one specific sex discrimination case a total of £179,026 was awarded to the claimant.Clearly, the cost of being unaware or ignorant of employment law is huge. One of the most shocking statistics is that 98% of employers who win their case are unable to recover legal fees. In the current economic climate, it can seen that, ultimately, just one case could cost a small business more than a few thousand pounds; it could cause the collapse of the business. With this in mind, it is surely best to seek professional legal advice in order to guard against the possibility of it happening to you.

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How To Save Money On Health Insurance

Health Insurance is imperative for your daily savings and expenses. One can fall ill at any unexpected time, causing misery and most importantly, if you are not covered with any health insurance plan, it can prove to be quite expensive on the pocket. Economy is bad these days. Every penny saved goes towards your savings, and can help you better prepare for your future. If ever a situation arises where you are compelled to spend this money, especially for health reasons, it can surely upset your balance. Lowering your expenses is highly important. One of the easiest ways to save money is through getting an insurance package to protect yourself and your family at times of need.Most people often find it expensive to opt for a health insurance. They are of the notion that they would rather spend this money if ever any health issue arises. If you are an average ordinary person, consider a time in a month where you have just paid your monthly bills, had your mortgage settled out, and are just satisfied with the way things have turned out. But things may go wrong if you fall ill all of a sudden. Remember, we set apart an amount of money for all of our expenses except for health related issues. It is not uncommon. People tend to save money on literally everything, but just couldn’t afford to save a few hundred dollars for their own health.Health Insurance may not be as expensive as one would think. Over the years, various health insurance companies have evolved with interesting health and medical insurance packages that are easier on the pocket, all the while providing top quality service. Unlike the previous days, we are provided with an opportunity to compare and select different health insurance and life insurance packages that appeal to us the most. Now for a few hundred dollars a month, you can insure your whole family against unpredictable circumstances and provide them with quality treatment facilities. Compare this to the actual costs that may be incurred during some serious illness. We are talking about thousands of dollars saved. You can compare and get free quotes on several health, life, medical and other insurance plans from Health Insure Direct.HSA or Health Savings Account is another option of saving money on health insurance. HSA lets you gain the full advantage of health insurance plans, and also provides you with competitive tax benefits. HSA is more like a savings account, where you are required to invest a few hundred dollars monthly. You will get a fixed interest on this money, and the money being invested in HSA is absolutely tax free. Also, there is nothing known as maturity of the insurance plan, and you can withdraw any amount of money for your medical expenses from your HSA anytime you want. All you will need is to pay off the deficient amount in the subsequent monthly payments. Health Savings Account is just another reason to save money for your extra needs.Compare HSA plans that are suitable for you and that is quite affordable to accommodate your daily expenditure and savings. Research is the major part of saving money on insurance. It is always important to look up the various rates and packages of health insurance providers, and Health Insure Direct provides you with an easy to use interface to research and select free quotes from some of the top notch health insurance companies.It would also be worthwhile to keep a regular check and update on the health insurance rates of the present day market. You wouldn’t want to end up paying extra, especially at times when the economy requires you to save as much money as possible. For this, you could re-evaluate your insurance rates and packages every six to twelve months, or you can also go in for short duration insurance packages. Either way, never ever forget that you have a health insurance package, and take care to avoid any defaults. Insurance companies usually associate a “*” along with their terms and conditions which states that you are supposed to be making payments at prescribed intervals, or you lose all the benefits. Pay your premiums on time and stay protected anytime and anywhere.

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Key to Optimal Health

Optimal health means more than the absence of pain, sickness and disease. As important as it is to be physical healthy it is equally important to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy as well. Optimal health, therefore, in context of what is being written here, is a balance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health. Let us take a look at each of these aspects, beginning with physical health.Physical HealthSo much has been written about the subject of physical health in the categories of health and wellness, diet and weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding etc. In this article I will primarily deal with physical health in its internal aspect which includes building a healthy immune system, detoxifying the body, healthy and quick elimination, and nourishing the cells with proper nutrition. Aging itself can be slowed down by keeping the internal aspect of our physical health up to par. Wouldn’t you love to have a healthy, youthful, energetic, strong, lean body which is free of disease, sickness and pain well into adulthood beyond the age of 40? It all narrows down to what type of food we put into our bodies – either food filled with toxins and poisons, or healthy, living, vital food.Mark and Patti Virkler, in their inspiring book “Eden’s Health Plan – Go Natural” write:”Food is intended to furnish the body with all the live elements needed for the regeneration of its cells and tissues. If the body fails to be healthy, the lack or deficiency of regenerative elements in the food is the cause of, and the responsibility for, whatever ailment, sickness or disease overtakes it. Our bodies seek homeostasis, equilibrium, balance. This equals health. When given the right building blocks to work with, the body maintains itself in health.” These building blocks can be found in whole, unbleached, organic grains, rice (wild rice, brown rice etc.), beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts, various seeds and herbs etc. Large portions of these building blocks can be found in the “super-food” family in such foods as Spirulina and Barley Grass. (A super-food is extremely rich in a large variety of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids, and can be assimilated by our bodies very easily. Spirulina is a complete protein and is known to be very healthy.) Look in your local health food store for super green foods in powdered form. I personally sometimes use Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula.Super-foods are known to:Deter AgingMassively Boost Your Immune SystemAid Weight LossLower Your CholesterolRadically Improve Your EnergyEnhance Your Mental & Emotional Well-beingBoost Your LibidoAlkalize Your SystemProtect against Toxins and PollutantsBeautify Your SkinCleanse and Fortify Your BloodNourish and Revitalize your SystemsFight and Protect against numerous diseases including Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Arthritis, Cataracts, Osteoporosis, Acne, Obesity, High cholesterol, Age-Related Blindness…And Much More!Again I quote Mark and Patti Virkler:”By taking just a bit of a super-food (in capsule or powered drink form) as a supplement to your diet, you will find many wonderful things happen to your body. Essentially, the nourishment will give your body the needed resources to rebuild any broken or damaged parts and improve your body’s chances of returning to homeostasis. Testimonies of its power range from improved eyesight, to relief from back pain, to better scores in sports by world champion competitive athletes. Generally, one will experience feelings of increased energy and vitality; reduction and alleviation of stress, anxiety and depression; relief from the discomforting symptoms of fatigue, hypoglycemia, some allergies, poor digestion and sluggishness; and improved memory and mental clarity. People also experience elimination of mood swings, toxin elimination, better sleep, reduced cravings for food and sweets, lower blood pressure and many other health benefits. Then there are many specialized health problems which have disappeared as people’s bodies receive adequate nutrition through super-foods. Prostate problems have been normalized, as well as triglycerides, arthritis and diabetes, and many other severe and degenerative diseases. Basically, any and every disease will be fought off by your body, if it has the right tools to fight with. Super-foods give it the right tools. You just need to try it for thirty days and see what it may do for you. I recommend taking a product that includes several kinds of super foods, as they work together in a synergy that can have a profound effect on your health and vitality. If your body needs detoxifying first, you may experience a bit of a “tissue cleansing” during the first few days or weeks of taking the super-food as your body cleanses itself.” Basically if we put the wrong food (and drink) into our body it weakens the immune system and opens the door for us to be susceptible to health problems of whatever sort (whether it be frequents colds and sicknesses, flues, aches and pains, sores and ulcers, weakness, sluggishness, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, cancer or psychological disorders such as malaise, apathy or memory problems etc., etc., etc.) Looking on the bright side a healthy immune system that is not swamped with toxins can fight off diseases successfully!It is preferable to never be unhealthy to begin with and to eat nothing but healthy food from day one. Unfortunately it is not this way. Many have been conditioned to eat unhealthy, fattening, artery clogging foods from childhood to the grave. Many of us think it is a normal part of the aging process to start getting weaker, fatter, having more pain etc. after age 30 and onward. In many cases (definitely not all) premature aging and bodily weakening is the result of years of poor eating habits from childhood to adulthood. Due to many years of wrong eating habits it may be best to detoxify.In the process of nourishing our cells with foods high in fiber such as vegetables, fruits, super-foods, and whole grains our body naturally detoxifies itself in the process, which in turn strengthens our immune system and slows, or in some cases, reverses the aging process. The key to optimal health as far as the physical aspect of our health goes, is to:Eat plenty of Grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, super-foods, herbs, being sure to get plenty of exercise, pure water and clean air, excreting waste from the intestines quickly (which is a byproduct of eating plenty of fruits, fiber and vegetables). There are also natural supplements you can take such as Vitamin C, vitamins and minerals, and various antioxidants unless you are getting plenty of these from your regular diet.I left out other important factors which contribute to overall optimal health. They included, but are not limited to, being healed of emotional traumas, maintaining a calm mental attitude, living in a spirit of prayer, faith, hope and love towards others in general, and towards God, Spirit, Higher Power in particular.Next, I hope to share a little about the three remaining categories of health – mental, emotional and spiritual.Mental and Emotional HealthMental and emotional health are so closely related it is hard to separate the two. Having a healthy mind is not limited to having a keen intellect and an excellent memory. Someone can excel at this level of mental health but still be an emotional wreck, not to mention being spiritually ignorant at the same time.Negative mental attitudes or emotions can have a direct effect on our physical health even if we are eating healthy food. Emotional traumas, anger, rage, hate, stress etc., when persisted in day in and day out, weaken the immune system and manifest in ill physical health. A negative mind, over time, often erases all the good that healthy food does for us.Some forms of sickness, disease, and illness, as well as bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs etc., are often external symptoms of something deeper. They are effects of a deeper cause. And until that cause is addressed and healed the symptoms will keep coming back like fruit on a tree whether in the form of ill health, disease, anxiety, bad habits of one sort or another, or in the worse case scenario cancer. Luckily there are warning signs when all is not well within.The subconscious part of our mind is the storehouse of our emotions and memories and it is here where we need healing as far as our mental and emotional life are concerned. Sometimes negative or uneasy dreams (some of which originate from the sub conscious) are manifestations of our own fears and internal wounds. Some dreams are also messages, clothed with images we can comprehend, from our highest level of mind – the super conscious level – warning us when we are making wrong decisions, or heading in a wrong direction. In those rare cases where we are susceptible to the healing energies of the super conscious level of mind we can experience internal healing quicker than we ever imagined. More about this in a minute when I get to the spiritual aspect of health.Along with a healthy diet it is important to think positive thoughts and maintain a positive attitude, avoiding anger and bitterness towards others. But, thinking positive thoughts and making an effort to be happy, loving, and optimistic, are only part of what is involved when it comes to the healing of our emotional life. We can only go so far by exercising will power alone, as important as it is to use our own efforts when attempting to make a change in our emotional life for the better. All our ethical standards, our rules and regulations for leading an acceptable moral life, all our positive thinking formula are a means to an end, the end being the opening and revelation of the spiritual aspect or our mind – the super conscious level of mind. This brings me to the last category of health, the spiritual category.Spiritual HealthI have written about this subject elsewhere and will be repeating some of the information here. Keep in mind when reading this that being spiritual is not to be confused with being religious. Someone who is religious can be operating from a physical, emotional, and mental level only, but be void as far as being spiritual goes. A pseudo religious life (not to be confused with a genuine religious life) that is lived in pride, elitism, self righteousness and egoism is completely opposite of spiritual life. In context of this article being spiritual means living your life from the level of your super conscious mind, and living a harmonious life naturally from that level. This is easier said than done because our pride and ego often get in the way and cause us untold pain and suffering. But by living in harmony with the super-conscious level of our mind, and accessing the spiritual grace and energy which flow through (from God and Spirit) that same level of mind, our mental and emotional health, as well as our physical health, all fall into place and are balanced.All our moral, ethical, religious or merely human efforts at trying to be a more loving, positive, optimistic person are a feeble way of (often unconsciously) aligning, or attempting to align, ourselves with that ever present flow of energy, light, grace, and Spirit permeating throughout all creation.This ever present, but often unperceived and untapped, spiritual energy upholding all creation is the source of a truly happy life even when we find ourselves in the midst of negative external circumstances. It is the ultimate key to optimal health. Some call this ever present energy cosmic consciousness, super-consciousness, Christ consciousness, God, Spirit, a Higher Power etc. Some people personalize it and clothe it with a human form and then worship the person it manifests through. Ancient writings say the heavens and earth were made by the word of God and by the breath of his mouth. This is a human way of trying to accommodate a spiritual truth to the limited understanding of the human brain, using analogies, parables, particular genders, and concepts that can be understood by the rational brain. This often results in misunderstandings and even war and bloodshed in the name of religion.The naked truth is intuitively perceived by the higher aspect of human consciousness called super consciousness. And it is this level of consciousness (Christ consciousness) that wells up from within to “save,” change, deliver, and heal us when the thick layer of ego, all the emotional blockages, wounded memories, and wrong thinking, are thinned out enough by our own efforts at self improvement. This is the truth of the “Messiah” or Savior figure often mentioned in ancient writings. Eventually we have to let go of our own strivings and let God take over.Or, we can continue to resist the inner pull and instead live an unnatural life with the end result of disharmony on all levels physical, mental and emotional. (This is the truth about the so called wrath of God. It has nothing to do God or Spirit being angry at us. But it has everything to do with us bringing suffering upon ourselves by choosing to go our own way, not heeding the whispers and impressions of the super conscious mind either within ourselves, or speaking through dreams, visions, other people, or even through writing, art, and so on.)Once we tap into the spiritual flow of grace then a truly changed person is the result, from the inside out. Children are closer to this level of being than adults who have been conditioned and brainwashed throughout life via peer pressure, upbringing, culture and so on. Humility is key, not pride and ego. Attaining to the spiritual level of healing consciousness is the end of all religions.ConclusionWhen we are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy in the true sense of the word we are spiritually in tune with the highest level of our consciousness – the super consciousness – so that there is a steady flow of life and energy from that level of consciousness flowing into us as we allow it to flow through us cleansing and vivifying us. This even reaches to ones decisions on what to eat, motivating one to exercise and to joyfully do what is best for the body, to forgive others. By choice we finally willfully chose to move in a joyous harmony with the impressions, counsel, advice and wisdom forever emanating from the inherent harmony within the spiritual energy upholding all creation. The ego fears this and sees it as death to its pride and rebellion. This is the truth behind the often repeated idea of dying on the cross, worshipping God, obeying God etc. There is no true God who has an ego so inflated that he demands worship on pain of sickness and death if he is not worshipped. Instead, for our own sakes, the ever present holy Spirit encourages us (without interfering with our freedom of choice) to choose to move in the flow and harmony of the ever present spiritual energy upholding all creation so we can experience the true key to optimal health, and lasting harmony even after our brief stay in this world is over, and our temporal physical shell is dissolved into nothingness. The end result is a truly healthy and whole person.The Buddha tapped into this source. Lao Tsu, in words and language accommodated to the understanding of people in his day and age, wrote about this in the Tao Te Ching. In the Christian religion Jesus was the personification of this spiritual grace, energy, Spirit, the eternal Tao, which many call God, or the Power and Word of God. The esoteric or mystical side of all religions emphasize this same point in so many different words. Some have experienced glimpses of this level of consciousness and try to share what they perceive through writing, some paint, some sing, and some dance etc. Everyone has their own unique way to bring that light and love to the world which they sense in the silence and stillness when the emotions, reasoning and physical body are calm and collected. Yoga and meditation in particular teach someone how to get in touch with the highest aspect of their being.

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